Now I Lie Down

I know a lot about acceptance;  it's taken
a long time to acquire a sense
of closure.  But still

when sleeping, a falling, fatal bird
anticipates crash & crush, the last breath
a strange forced song rushing forth

away from memory; its silence demanding
no apology, no calculation of loss, even less
a determination

of value. Even angels acknowledge limitation,
submission and want;  their hollowed, white winged
prayers simply

an instinctual act
of submission.

This Habit

There are a lot of different places
to get your information;  don't always look
here.  To the extent possible,

look inside.

You remind me of a silver lining
in a black coat;  why don't you listen
before you hide what's beautiful

about you?

How many people have you infected
struggling to immunize who you love
with who you are afraid of...

this habit?

This is me closing a large door
with stones in my pockets;  I can't
see you but I can feel

the weight.