In Ancient Beds

I am not deaf, I hear
what you do not speak

the widening silence
between thought and extremes.

You move in a world
of stone.

My feet are wings...

the reason birds
have hollow bones

while rocks sleep
in ancient beds

without the joy
of dreams.


The Purpose of Rooms

At the end of the day,
worry is not a question.

No one asks the dead-


At the threshold of the door,
there are two concerns-

leave or live.

Rooms and the purpose
of rooms becomes a riddle-

inside of all of us,
an unfamiliar puzzle.

The night, the city,
my stretched skin

my captured soul,
my unended beginning...

becomes a room.

I dreamt I was born
in the hollow
of a wooden shell-

somehow, at the end
of the day, (incomplete)


Half of the Beginning

Not long ago,
a child knelt down
at the knee of her father

not with reverence,
something more...

like a moth settling
upon un-natural light

or the way
the moon clings
to divinity more tightly

than the rafters
of its sky.

What is a father?

Half of the beginning,
a guiding bell, the sound
of which leads us

to higher grounds,
a tree whose leaves

remind us of ourselves.


Dragonfly(incomplete draft)

The hidden is often revealed,
but not just for honesty's sake-

the center takes the mystery
out of life's design

and makes it tangible.

We also, should be less obvious,
like dragonflies occasionally flit in-

then unseen exit through a window,

or sacrifice ourselves to beauty
like the golden subtle rose.


The Aging Sky

We have recovered
what was lost-
the aging sky

We were born
to remember.
It's in our blood.

The night
weaves a garment
for our bones.

How lovely
its threads gleam
across our chests.

I am convinced
of the purpose
of stars and stones...

even as we sleep
their meaning
survives us.

This world
is burning. Everyday,
the aging skies...

the ashen heavens
of our flames-


The Density of Delight

Of my delight, the world
finds meaning... early morning
rain, a beard of clouds
obscuring the rising sun,
the sweet breathe of a newborn sky.

Beneath my window,
flower peddler of silver-wet streets-
first steps of dawn in a city

that unfolds
like orchid blossoms,
a blank blue page.

Here, we'll write today
of gardens, of twirling leaves,
dew-green trinkets-

a necklace for the wind.

Of my delight, we'll write
how grateful are the eyes
emerged from darkness
held proudly on their stems,

alive, alive. And all we know
alive, alive. Things could be

different, we tell ourselves,

knowing is far heavier
than sleep or waking...

far more dense
than early morning rain.


draft (White Lily)

And so, white lily,
the darkness comes
to drink your shining light-

a woman's body glows
through silk, then softly

burns out.

Your folded skin
unwrapped again,

a borrowed gift, delight


Your large body filled
with beautiful things-
some un-framed and simple,
others resting on the floor

to be admired from above...

I walk your temple
with wakened eyes, slow

like a desperate lover.

See there! How color
becomes the sea,
the floor of sky,
the arching wing of bird,

your creatures
are not confined
to cloth or wood.

Art is your mouth,
your delicate hands,
the way your body
moves like light, like color

through a stained-glass window.


A Question

It's not like us to distinguish
the difference between yearning
and the universe, the seamless

space that separates the heart.

Our story is a question.

Who wields the guiding light?

Why does the moon remind us
of the glowing end of life?

etc. etc. etc. (to be continued)


The Calm

"Yes" they told us, "this
is how it happens."

First, bones are revealed-
a sunken ship

white and rotted.

Next, strings grow lax.
Often completely torn away

from a rusted anchor,

followed by air
loosened from shafts.

Broken, billowing sails.

Waves grow gnarled,
returning to self.

At last, the calm.
The sea lies down-

a resting gull.


The Sound of Music (draft/incomplete)

That crazy mexican is playing
tijuana circus music again.

His son is small with a face
the color of vanilla beans.

I think of emaciated foxes
hiding in their darkened dens.

My grandfather listens
to Chopin, his teeth

aglow in the dusk-
piano keys in moonlight.

When he hums, the walls
close in like curtains.

Someone upstairs is holding
a cello, a soft embrace...

I can hear them making love-

the bow of thunder drawn
against across thighs of night.

Wolves with mouths, gracefully
shaped - astonished "o"s

sing of trees, meadows, rivers.

Wild angels in large fur coats
compose- the sound of music.


Practice Verses

There, when darkness rises,

when we hold
light between our ribs,

our bodies deceived,
our shadows reclined

against grey mountains
like sleeping gods,

the silvered flame
of day dampened,

stillness, a holy anthem,
garment of the dead,


Pearls of Thunder

in the shape of man
entered the tunnel
through a small door.

Unseen corners
of mouth
inherit discovery-
collapse and vanish.

Sprout branches,
leaves of star.
Each one trembling-
wings of light.

Vibration of hills
inside walls of valley.
Night beads sweat
on tender blades of grass.

the color of the moon
erupt. The dream
of flowers, fire.


The Grand Delusion (draft)

It is a different light
in the same sky
that moves me,

the alphabet of life
on every leaf, every tree.

The forest keeps
its secrets sacred.

I still hear ancient names

from recessed ives
of the very woods

that haunt me
as a child.

This veil, this mist,
these webs of spider

cast across the hollowed crescents

like whispered spells-

undisturbed, deserted,

wasted. The same night
in a different sky...

the exactness of the heart
pulsed through unfamiliar eyes-

the grand delusion.