To Each a Kingdom

Everyday mind moves
matter.  See the hand shade
the eye when thought
becomes too bright,

watch a dream repeat
itself in real life,

bodies of lovers
in arc, the movement
of the lips and mouth,

the furrowed brow
molding the actions
of a child,

a bowed head
mourning the loss
of life.

Rush now, kings
and queens of thought,
reach into the light, your hands
into the darkness,

mold your
lovely kingdoms.

Sculpture by Choi Xoo Ang


Carte du Jour

No one wanted to say this
tastes like disappointment,

though their eyes
like ziplock bags filled
with oily-black fluid

seeping through
a cracked seam said


a dark, purple-colored,
velvet hunger -

rubbing oil between
the thumb and finger

felt a lot
like blood.