Kingdom Come

Stories that begin with in the beginning always
have an ending. The mouth vomits the worm
while swallowing its tail.

We are not holy before we are unholy.

However, consider the world that begins
and begins with nowhere to go. Could there be
an outlet somewhere, a place

that holds the dead? Otherwise these

wild winged creatures we call spirit,
that oily film resting on the river, those
tapered rays of random light stay still,

unchanged and unholy.

Worried soul who thought her questions
opened up the void; she dreamt of home,
isn't that enough? Silly woman, see how

wind reverses its direction... endlessly.


What Stars & Rocks Do Best

Remember the names of stars-
Diadem, Sirius, Vega; the way
a body remembers its life in sleep
or the wolf whose braille heart

leads him West. Did you know
the stone is a slave to no one?

So perfectly blind and un-knowing,
living in darkness among stars & rocks
with nothing to do but wait.


Who Will Save What I Have Made?

Their disappointment is mine. But I have
made this- the weight of what they are,
how I've changed them. They've become
what I am; they will not forgive me.

Exiled from our beds, tonight reciting
our worries- the way light detaches from
our faces , how strongly darkness desires
our bodies, whose image shapes us.

O Maker of Stars, when we burst and die,
will you miss us?

When violent hands part the skies,
whose fingers turn its violet pages,
our bellies tight against the fires
crawling skin to earth, lips to prayer-

will you save us?