Giant sheets of ice the size
of heaven. The angel spilled
his vial across the sun
scorching every creature

and still I loved you.

Your cryptic violence bringing
back my childhood memory; my body
a natural disaster. Ravaged by
super-storms, leaving bruises;

the final battle continues.


What we empty out
fills up again


Put everything
in drawers whose bottoms


Learn to walk on
air or water, escaping


Always a first time
but never an ending.


The Things You Never Said

Your voice, the rain,
the thunder, a black weed
in the ear. To grow
silent is to be hidden.

Where are you now at 2 a.m.?
Lying in your box, your tongue
injected with lidocaine,
numb and useless.



His head on the pillow,
a dying bird. His body,
terrified to move, limp
and heavy trembles through
its bones. The evening light,
a warm breath cooling touches
his skin, a sad & worried lover,
then slowly withdraws.


I want to write
"my life is purposeful".
To take my finger, etch words
in the sand; giving the sand
a silent voice that echoes mine.
And God, up in the sky, looking
down, will somehow find me.