Of Existence

It's a strange possibility (I said)
that you misunderstood. I was
here before you. Here
being now. The four corners
of earth. My cedar box. Proof.

You could not steer a boat
to the other side of a puddle.
With your sense of navigation.
I am surprised you remember
my name. Let alone. Where I
am going. It's just a theory.

Some men equate love
with fire. Inconsistency.
Orange coals. In the morning,
nothing is left. But resentment
and ashes. Put your coat on
(I say) it is starting to snow.

There is something beautiful
about stagnation. At the very
least. It is comforting. Even
nature stands still. On a calm day.
Sadly. Waiting for a storm.

When I think. Some words
to say. About heaven. About
breathing in and out everyday.
About making. Circles in the sand.
With a small stick. An SOS. A cry.
For help.

The circumference of meaning.
Memorizing translations. Collecting
dust. Looking through my notes.
Torn and wrinkled (I wrote)
"The moment of kiss that lingers
but a second more than necessary,
would be proof enough. Of your existence".

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