Artifacts of God (work in progress)

Where does one find a better explaination
for gravity? The dead meet the living
with slow, deliberate precision- a bird
landing on a broken bough.

What is the criteria for constancy?
an eye in the light, space between the wing,
a beautiful object giving into
weight- a loyal downward movement.

There are certain things
we agreed upon. Clear angles
of leaves. Shapes rarely found
in nature. A place to press your ear.
A small keyhole in the wide chest of a tree.

I begin to think. What is freedom?
The radiance of compassion.
Proof of sacrifice. Brutal stupidity
when it is cruel. Each piece
meaningful. Artifacts of God.

A straight line requires
control. The dead meet
the living. The machine limits
itself to obedience. To gravity.

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