Keep Quiet the Stones

carry your burden, this is (not)
a request;  fill the useless ruins
with beauty, then disguise

the mark.

Borrow the imperfect
returning it with fire;  find
the red and orange blossoms,

shield them.

Prepare the wound, revising
circumstance to prayer;
remember the jagged
shape of sorrow,

how it tears and heals.

Keep quiet the stones
sleeping in their beds, if
they should hear you

crush them quickly,
they will bury you;

walk carefully
in the wild, untended fields,
you will be swallowed.


Marcoantonio Arellano said...

life is like walking on stones that sometimes are jagged and painful and sometime smooth round stimulating to the stepping

this is what this piece reminds me to reflect upon.

gracias for sharing such

shanna said...

Ah poet i have missed you