A Door Once Opened (draft)

The soul stands still;  the world
moves through it.  The body
condemned to suffer
the blows.

I'm Eve.  You're Adam.
Eden closed up like a
summer house across
the dim lit bay.

Reminds us of a place
we could have lived
but never will.  It's gardens
more beautiful the further

In our fatigue, a strange
resignation, a finished race
where the road that seemed
to go on and on disappears.

Further on, grass and dirt
and stars mixed with blood

where you focus on one spot
trying to imagine, to understand
what happened there,

where a single drop of water
is youth.  Crossing the parched,
desert without shoes, our middle age.

A blanched, over-sized skull
of some horrible animal whose
large, broken  teeth guffaw in effigy
like some naive idiot, our deaths.

Did we really believe our lives
would be different, more purposeful
imitating someone else?

"When I'm happy, I'm not myself"
said Darkness to Light.

And Light couldn't stop giggling
ridiculously wanting nothing more
than a body the shape of an elegant,
evening dress.

"If you find you are what you
wanted to be, you'll never be
anything else" replied Darkness

stepping back into
its large, black door.


Marcoantonio Arellano said...

this was poignant, this was touching, this was soulful, a bit existential and very interesting.

liked it a lot


Anonymous said...

each time I visit, it's like stepping into a room I never knew existed, both familiar and unknown; magic; timeless ~