Primal Knowledge

This is complicated like
a children's story written
in cuneiform;  primal, encrypted 

but it translates:

the idiot savant
in all of us, the humble
will save the doomed.

From a dark bedroom
she watched her mother
and father kneeling

under the Christmas tree
in the living room
carefully arranging gifts

beneath blinking lights.

And then she saw
their death and hers
like a hole in a dark sky;

the doomed looking back
on shiny fragments of dust 
from a star exploding

in slow motion.


Susan said...

ANd was she humble? ANd could she save? Or does she live feeling failure about something she could not control? You have me thinking, feeling.

Rachel Phillips said...

Thank you for your comment Susan.
Those are very interesting questions.
Wink, wink.