A Heart is Shaped for Loss

Close your eyes;  I don't want
you to see grief.  

Unexpected, sudden accidents
that sneak up on you

like the impact of a road bug
slapping the windshield

with all the juices of its body
a long grey streak
provides a buffer,

the sound before
the blood.

You will feel it inevitably
like other creatures

what waits patiently
in the darkening

will feed on them
for years.

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hyperCRYPTICal said...

What with comment moderation I am uncertain as to whether I have commented on this post already - if not, it was my intention to do so and will do that now.

Beautiful deep words on that that is death which awaits us all...the older I get the more I think of (not dwell upon) it. It will come - but hopefully not soon...

Anna :o]