A Few More Shouldn'ts

Shouldn't drag the beast
when it's mouth is open.  Shouldn't
shoot the owl;  it's twin will hunt you.
If you're made of paper, you shouldn't
dance in the rain;  its very messy.

Shouldn't look for ghosts
they might find you.  Shouldn't
break the bread before the bells
have spoken.  Shouldn't be afraid
unless you've lost your footing.

Shouldn't scratch the surface;
what lies beneath may be unleashed.
Shouldn't talk too loud when saying
your confession;  your enemies are listening.
Shouldn't tease the hungry wolf or
wake it when it's sleeping.

Shouldn't take to heart
another's hearts rejection; two like
objects are always boring. Shouldn't
wait too long to be in love;  there are
a finite number of buses.  

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