While It Lasted

These things I had forgotten- Sadness only
while it rested briefly, Glory how purple while
it lasted, Love although it never left me closer

than a body to its bone. The sun coming up,
the sun going down. Night with its familiar face
and hands of silver. They all come back distinctly

stronger for their wear. And when I'm old
(now I'm older) the tents of gold surrounded
by this evening's mist, I'll recognize nothing lost
is ever worth its keeper.

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Daniel said...

There was no email address so I'm posting this as a comment. Please remove after reading so as not to distract from your page.




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It's called, Nowhere Forum and whenever convenient please visit to have a look and read the introduction, "Welcome to Nowhere Forum" in the 'Center' section to get an idea of the intent for it. It has been been online for over three months now and has 27 participants thus far. There's no rush to fill it up with names or postings, the premise is somewhat different than other forums and the reasons for that are also noted in the intro.

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Thank You and Best Wishes