Nothing More

I tried to tell you
there is nothing more
invisible than nothing.

Hard to understand
the bottomless hole
akin to heartache.

I have no idea
who shoveled out
the pit or who would

fall into its mouth.

From such a depth,
one can fixate on
the stars and wish

the sun would rise,
your rescuers would
save you, bring you

out into the light.

Imagine the beauty
of joy, of whiteness,
the warmth of that

first ray, the final
disappearance of
darkness. How this

sickness, the constant
pain, has left its tracks
in the mud, hidden like

a lizard in shadows
of crevices, under rocks,
under houses, has left

its fingernails in cracks
of its prison walls,
a sign that something

has overcome the nothing.

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