Deeply Involved

When I talk
to wild things:

calla lilies, the wolf,
the sharp-hoofed horse

I use a different voice.

You can teach a dog
of words but they listen

with their hearts.

Their world is all light
even in the dark, they see

the softness of moon,
small, glittering stars,
fluorescence of their pupils.

And immersed within their lives,
they have no need of questions
or of beauty; the sweetness of

their nature is enough.


Marty said...

Beautiful! Thank you for your poetry!

Rachel Phillips said...

Marty, thank you! You seem like a very spiritual person and I appreciate your comments.

Matt said...

Wonderful poem!

I think when we speak to different people we use different voices as well. We notice this most when someone we talk with often departs from our life and we want to keep talking to them.

Thank you for the poem!