To Puncture (draft)

Ignoble one- to you
I leave a needle
(sliver as thin)

pray that you use it
when it's still

sew expertly
from pulse to point
the jagged (life)

prick your fingers,
press the night
and (mend)

a leper's coat,
the bitter skin,
(the open vein)

remember the unfinished
things- the heart,
the breath (departing).


Nobius said...

Remember the unfinished things...

Wow...I'll be dreaming of that line.

I'm hoping you'll submit something to my new poetry zine Calliope Nerve. I'm putting together issue one as we speak!

Rachel Phillips said...

Thank you Nobius. I will try to choose several pieces to submit!
Thank you and good luck with your publication.