Like a Bell

a bell
I tried to sound beautiful.
Like a bell and the forest said-

there is nothing more glorious
than silence. The way it rests

against the leafen floor
in a bed of mist.

There are holes in the sky.
A small quantity of light

arranged in the shape
of a cup. We fill it

with our desires. Drink
and be forgotten.

a moon
The golden belly
of a pregnant girl.

See how it stretches
as if an embryo of stars

breathes beneath it.
The pulse of birth.

a circle
Somewhere in the middle
we are justified. The end

is root. Sprouts flower.
The beginning.

The sun holds lilies
in its mouth.

The world is made of flesh.
The air erases faces.

No one truly forgets
a child, a mother.

We continue to garden
through cold winter.

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