Carnivorous Faery

Celestia wept against a tree
natural for a faery to be
raining tears in cypress wood
white-faced beneath her velvet hood

lined with wysteria.

Strangely though, her silvered eyes
resembled those of hawk that flies
hunting over enchanted woods
not the way a faerys' should

like water gleam of sun.

Disturbing more, her berried lip
bloodied from the meat she ripped
from bones of animals she ate
not faery food of nuts and dates

collected in the morning dew.

Not a butterfly or rabbit
followed her as is their habit
to haunt the steps of faery nymphs
fled from her at just a glimpse

of long, sharp talons.

Though her beauty in silken gown
a voice that sang a siren's sound
lithesome waist, legs of tender reed
could not disguise the ghastly needs

of a carnivorous faery.

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